Lena Brassard
Urban Fantasy

Urban Fantasy

While there is a romance, this is not A Romance.

Cover of Grave Oversight Book 1 by Lena BrassardGrave Oversight

Grave Oversight Book 1

Lena Brassard

© 2022

80,000 words

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Content Advisory: Death

For fifty years, I’ve haunted the diner built on top of my shallow grave. I have no memory of my life, much less details about my death, so my unsolved murder has been inherited by one detective after another, along with the secret to their department’s legendary reputation: I can solve any “unsolvable” case other than my own. I simply ask the victim whodunit, spy on the killer, have my favorite medium report admissible evidence to the proper authorities, and twiddle my thumbs until a stymied detective delivers another ghost to my booth.

My current client has even me stumped. He’s a kid, for one thing. For another, when he opens his mouth to answer questions, all that comes out is dirt. Fortunately for the investigation, if not the boy, his killer comes to claim him. Stealing his life didn’t satisfy her. She wants his soul, and she thinks looking like my twin will convince me to hand it over.

According to a cryptic, bossy, inhumanly gorgeous stranger who claims he’s my “friend,” the key to stopping the murderous lookalike is hidden in my past. All I have to do is solve a fifty-year-old crime, learn how to fight flesh and blood when I have neither, and get justice for an innocent soul before mine—which looks guiltier with every mystery stripped from my identity—is swept away.

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