Lena Brassard

Lena Brassard

WCAD Walkthrough: Chapter 1

Beginnings are loaded with decisions that affect everything that comes after, so Chapter 1 will probably get more attention than any other single chapter. Subjects touched upon herein: point of view, relevance, name dropping, F-bomb dropping, setting, and foreshadowing.

If you don’t yet have the book, you can follow along with the excerpt here.

Although I don’t think much can be said about any book’s first chapter that will “spoil” the rest of the book, I’m going to make a habit of leaving a big, obvious warning sign to protect anyone who’d rather go into the book cold from inadvertent exposure.


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New beginning, new blog

WCAD is the first novel I’ve written since 2010. Five years is an eternity in writer years. Some writers can crank out twenty books in that time. That represents a whole career worth of books for most other writers. However you measure it, it’s a long time to be away.

It was a learning period for me. Most relevant here, I relearned storytelling on a foundation of “wow, this is good” and “I wish this book wasn’t on my Kindle so I could throw it against a wall” as opposed to the old “you can’t do that” and “you will do it this way or you will send back your advance and starve” school from which I last graduated. I’ve gotten closer than I’ve ever been to writing what I want to write. For the first time since the first time I had a book published (the only previous book I wrote off the leash), I’m not embarrassed by the final product. When I emerge from the mandatory post-release depressive episode, I might go so far as to say I’m proud of WCAD, but I can tell you already, lack of shame is a huge evolutionary leap for me as a writer.

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