Lena Brassard

Lena Brassard

KotSQ: Second Revision #2

Witness me! I purchased only the yarn I need to finish a sweater and did not fill up my cart to get “free” shipping like a well-trained little consumer. Even with $6 S&H and 10% sales tax, the total squeaked in just under $20. Maybe all these squares will actually be a sweater by next winter.1

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KotSQ: Second Revision #1

Every new visible crack in the publishing infrastructure inspires me to move one of my eggs to a new basket. Accordingly, I’ve added a Payhip store to my direct sales options. Still only the same old ebooks there for now, but I’m ghost-administering a workshop through Payhip’s course platform and taking notes on how I can make better use of those features, so that’s a possibility for the distant future if I ever have a fraction of the influence of people who don’t write their own books and therefore can’t manage their own how-to-write workshops.

I also finally finished setting up Stripe as a payment option at both Payhip and Ko-Fi, for those who believe that option is any less evil than PayPal.1

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KotSQ: Prelude to Revision Round Two (The Improvening)

I won’t be doing a year-end recap. I don’t particularly enjoy spewing negativity into the world and can’t put a positive spin on another terrible year in a long line of terrible years1, so let’s just bury this fucker and salt the earth.

WARNING: I’ve been muttering into this post for two months because life kept interfering with getting through this phase of the project in a reasonable amount of time. Though this is only highlights from my actual notes, it’s huge and rambling and has copious footnotes (to a greater extent than my customary huge, rambling, footnoted posts), and I suspect it will be incomprehensible to anyone lacking the manuscript for reference. However, I’m increasingly interested in destroying the fantasy that “revision” is a typo hunt2, so gaze upon my fiddly bits and despair!

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