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Lena Brassard

All’s Well

If you visited in the past 24 hours, you may have seen a “Save As” popup rather than a website. I too found this concerning! Especially since I couldn’t get into WordPress to attempt any of the proposed fixes and had to venture into the shadowy labyrinth of my web host’s unintuitive interface. Although you should definitely never download anything if you don’t know what’s going on and could be forgiven for never visiting that site again, in this particular case, it was a known WordPress glitch rather than digital terrorists. I uninstalled a plugin, regenerated a core file, and …

Supporting Characters

Between a workshop I’m running anonymously for a writer who doesn’t write, Reddit writing subs, and a nepotism hire at my soulless corporate writing gig, I’m being besieged from all sides by mistreatment of supporting characters. I’m doing what I can to address specific abuses, but I’ll collect my general thoughts on the subject here.

Back in the Saddle

Sold two lamps, my signed hardback book collection, and a set of dishes, convinced people to prepay for their holiday baking, and am living without frivolities such as dental floss and medication for the foreseeable future. Added to the few dollars I was saving up for Not This, I was able to scrape together enough for a bare-minimum-utility laptop at Black Friday pricing. Any other time of the year, I’d still be $200 short, so yay for the timing of kicking me in the teeth? Nothing else can ever go wrong because my net worth is now about 30¢. Five …